A Training course in Miracles - Can it be Really worth Your Time?

If you have been reading my articles on the Internet, you would know that I am not a big fan of A Course in Miracles. While I appreciate the fact that many people have taken A Course in Miracles and are now getting out of debt through the program, I still have some issues with it.

The basic premise of the course is that the world can be given back to you. You can get money to go wherever you want it to go. The problems in your life that have kept you in debt will be fixed and your life will change from being miserable to being happy.

The positive response that the course has received has been excellent and it is understandable why so many people are so happy with it. What I do not understand is why the founder of the course, a man named Mike Dillard, did not start his own church. Of course, if he had he would have had plenty of competition, but why doesn't he start his own church?

I think the best way to judge a course of this nature is by considering the concept of a "scripture-based" program. How many churches in the US do you see that preach the word of God without the use of scriptural evidence? Do you realize that all religions do this and yet no one has ever been able to prove it?

In the case of A Course in Miracles, Mike Dillard quotes scripture in a number of places without quoting scripture directly. Even though he is a licensed counselor, he is unable to prove whether or not it is scripture or an interpretation of scripture.

Some people who have learned this are now working as Christian counselors. One man who has taken this course taught a class on Christianity and used many of the same concepts that are taught in A Course in Miracles. check over here un curso de milagros mexico

After a course like this is finished, a person can determine that the course was just too good to be true. There is no way that something that is supposed to fix all your problems can be that easy.

What this course does is teach you how to lead a Christian life while living without sin. You then learn how to give money away and continue to receive it because you never want to stop giving it away.

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